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Three Scientific Research Achievements of the Second Hospital of Shandong University have Won the 2020 Shandong Science and Technology Progress Awards
On January 5, the “Decision on Shandong Science and Technology Awards of 2020 by the People’s Government of Shandong Province (LZF [2020] No. 18)” has been released officially. The research achievemen...
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Paper Published by Guo Haiyang and His Team in JEM to Reveal the Effect of Chromatin Remodeling Protein on Gastric Tumorigenesis
Guo Haiyang and his team from the Second Hospital of Shandong University Laboratory Medicine Center have recently published a new research paper titled "Uncovering the dosage-dependent roles of A...
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The Second Hospital of Shandong University was received 3 Shandong Medical Science and Technology Awards
Recently, Shandong Medical Association announced the evaluation results of the 2020 Shandong Medical Science and Technology Award. The Second Hospital of Shandong University won the first prize, the s...
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Successful Acceptance of Shandong Provincial Key R&D Program (Major Key Technology Project) Undertaken by the Second Hospital of Shandong University
On September 29, the comprehensive performance evaluation meeting of “Key Technologies and Secondary Development of Accurate Research and Evaluation on Classical Prescriptions of Chinese Thorowax Root...
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New Progress in Research on Maternal-Fetal Immune Tolerance in Nature Communications by Professor Mao Haiting’s Team
Recently, the original research article of “Human Placental Trophoblast Cells Contribute to Maternal-fetal Tolerance through Expressing IL-35 and Mediating iTR35 Conversion” completed by Professor Mao...
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Research Article Issued in “JAMA Oncology” by Yu Zhigang and His Team
Recently, the team led by Yu Zhigang, the Director of the Breast Surgery of the Second Hospital of Shandong University, has published a research report entitled “Overall Mortality After Diagnosis of B...
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