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Overview The Clinical Pharmacology Department of the Second Hospital of Shandong University officially passed the on-site inspection of the State Food and Drug Administration, and obtained the qualification of National Institution of Drug Clinical Trail in 2004. Meanwhile, it successfully passed re-inspectio...
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GCP office is mainly responsible for the daily affairs of clinical trials. The institution houses an independent pharmacy and an archives, equipped with full-time pharmacists and archivists. The independent pharmacy is equipped with a professional refrigerator and cold chain temperature control system to meet the storage and transportation conditions of clinical trial drugs and devices. The office has enacted an efficient...
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The Phase I Trail Center is devoted to Phase I clinical trial of new drugs, pharmacokinetic research, bioequivalence research and testing of biological specimens, which houses a Phase I clinical trials ward and a biological analysis lab. The center is equipped with 32 standard beds, a subject reception room, a subject activity room, an emergency room, a sample processing room, a laboratory, and an information room. There ...
The institution includes professional departments of drug clinical trials mainly include Cardiology, Neurology, Respiratory Medicine, Hematology, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery, Urology and Orthopedics (including Joint Surgery, Trauma Orthopedics, Spine Orthopedics, Hand and Foot Surgery). The investigators in each professional department have rich clinical trial professional knowledge and experience. Each professional depar...
A total of 13 departments have been registered for clinical trials of medical devices, including 9 surgical specialties, 1 medical laboratory specialty and 2 internal medicine specialties. Nine of them are Thoracic Surgery, Breast Surgery, Joint Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery, Hand and Foot Surgery, General Surgery, Traumatic Orthopedics, Urology and Plastic Surgery. Two internal medicine specialties include Endocrinol...
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