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The Second Hospital of Shandong University undertakes the teaching tasks of clinical medicine, stomatology, pharmacy, preventive medicine, public health management and many other disciplines, educational systems and professions of five-year and seven-year (5+3) programs in Shandong University. It has nearly 1,000 students every year. Our hospital also teaches international students and interns from Pakistan, Yemen, Bhutan, Nepal and other countries and regions. Our hospital undertakes nearly 800 hours of theoretical teaching and nearly 2,000 hours of probation teaching (self-learning) every year. Our hospital offers internships to more than 600 people every year.

Our hospital has strong teaching staff, with more than 3,500 faculty members. Among them, there are about 390 staff with titles of senior professional posts, and a group of medical experts and scholars with both professional excellence and moral integrity are well-known at home and abroad. Currently, our hospital has 1 national-level excellent course, 1 provincial-level excellent course, and 1 university-level excellent course. In the past three years, 32 educational reform courses have been applied and approved at the provincial and ministerial level, university level and hospital level. Our hospital has successively passed the Undergraduate Teaching Level Evaluation by the Ministry of Education, the Undergraduate Teaching Review and Evaluation by Shandong University, and the Clinical Medicine Profession Certification by the Ministry of Education. Shouldering the mission of fostering virtue through education, we are rooted in Jinan city and serve Shandong Province. As the clinical teaching base and the clinical teacher training base of higher medical colleges in Shandong Province, our hospital has been approved as one of the first batch of national demonstration centers of clinical teaching and training.

Our hospital has always adhered to the coordinated development of “medical treatment, teaching and research”. We attach great importance to teaching work, and provide great support to teaching in terms of personnel and financial materials. In recent years, our hospital has invested more than RMB 49 million Yuan, with the focus on building student dormitories, purchasing high-end integrated intelligent simulators, digital human anatomy systems, laptop computers and projectors for the skill center, teaching and research rooms, classrooms and demonstration classrooms, which greatly meet the teaching needs. At present, our hospital has 120 dormitory rooms in the student dormitory building, one academic lecture hall, three standardized multimedia classrooms, and one electronic reading room. The newly-built 900-square-meter Clinical Skills Training Center has “one center, multiple bases, and multiple platforms”, which can complete 126 items of skill operation training and assessments including the four major punctures. It undertakes clinical teacher training courses for colleges and universities in Shandong Province, National Qualification Examination for Medical Practitioners in China, the final practical skills assessment of the standardized residents training in hospital and other examination tasks. Our hospital also has a telemedicine center, an electronic library and a reading room. It can log in to the Shandong University Library to check all databases. It has also purchased the FMRS foreign medical literature retrieval platform, the UpToDate clinical consultant platform, and the clinical thinking training platform (DXR), which are open to all teachers and students for free. In the past five years, 11 graduates of our hospital won the honorary title of Outstanding Graduates in Shandong Province, 15 graduates won the title of Outstanding Graduates of Shandong University, and 1 graduate won the President Scholarship of Shandong University (comprehensive). In 2017, graduates of Shandong University ranked first in the pass rate of the National Qualification Examination for Medical Practitioners in China. The overall evaluation of our hospital’s graduates is good. More than 98% of our hospital’s graduates engaged in the profession of clinicians. 69.6% of graduates work in “Tertiary A-level” hospitals, and 29% works in “Secondary A-level” hospitals. About 60% of graduate’s works in Shandong Province, others work in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other regions. More than 98% graduates are satisfied with the education, teaching and management services of our hospital.

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