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Standardized Residents Training in Hospital

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The Hospital boasts a sound organizational structure for teaching. Under the leadership of the dean and the deputy dean in charge, the Teaching Department is in place in charge of the overall education and teaching management of the Hospital, as well as the formulation and implementation of teaching plans and systems. Its job responsibilities also include teacher training, curriculum reform, teaching research and reform and textbook compilation; theory teaching, internship and other education and teaching work for undergraduate students; selection, evaluation and management of master supervisors, as well as recruitment, training and post-graduation employment of postgraduate students; management of continuing medical education for medical professionals of all specialties of the Hospital as well as overall management of libraries, digital reading rooms and all kinds of education, teaching and training bases and centers. The Teaching Department consists of a clinical simulation training center, 21 clinical discipline teaching and research offices, and 68 clinical and medical technology departments, in charge of internship, undergraduate theory teaching, teacher training and other teaching tasks. A teaching guidance committee and a teaching supervision committee have been established to provide comments and suggestions in various forms on teaching management, teaching reform, teaching supervision, teaching evaluation, as well as recommendation and evaluation of excellent individuals.

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