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I. Postdoctor Category

1. Specially-funded Postdoctors

Postdoctors recruited through the unified examination who have been selected into the National Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program, International Exchange Program Introduction Program, and Dispatched Students of the Postdoctoral International Exchange Program. Excellent doctors who have recently graduated from top universities at home and abroad with outstanding academic achievements, and have shown great potential for development. The age should generally not exceed 35 years old.

2. Intensively-funded Postdoctors

Excellent doctors who have graduated from well-known universities at home and abroad in the past 3 years with great potential for development and strong academic ability. The age should not exceed 35 years old.

3. Project-funded Postdoctors

Doctors who have graduated from high-level universities at home and abroad in the past 3 years, and the age should not exceed 35 years old.

II. Treatment and Support

1. The annual salary (before tax) of the specially-funded postdoctors is not less than RMB 300,000 Yuan, the intensively-funded postdoctor is not less than 200,000, and the project-funded postdoctors is not less than RMB 180,000 Yuan.

2. Our hospital will provide great support for specially-funded postdoctors in terms of mentor allocation, scientific research funds, equipment resources, etc. Key support will be provided for postdoctors to carry out research work in outstanding overseas (outbound) universities and scientific research institutions.

3. The primary and secondary schools affiliated to Shandong University have high-quality educational resources, which will provide convenient conditions for children of our staffs to study in these schools.

Postdoctors deliver relevant documents to the following email address please:

Official website of our hospital:

Contact Number: 0531-85875200

Contact Person: Teacher Wang