Convenient Measures
Release timeļ¼š2023-09-13 13:53:13

1.Provide Chinese-English translation services, please contact the Service Center on the first floor as needed.

2.Provide medical guidance services.

3.Provide wheelchairs and medical trolleys for patients with limited mobility.

4.Provide full escort services for unaccompanied patients without self-care ability.

5.Provide publicity materials of health.

6.Provide disposable paper cups.

7.There is a boiling water room in the west corridor on the first floor, second floor and the third floor of the outpatient department.

8.Provide reading glasses and sewing kit.

9.Provide paper, pen and envelope.

10.Provide umbrellas for the convenience of people.

11.An electronic screen is installed in the Outpatient Hall to publicize the doctors providing medical service of the day.

12.Self-service machines are set on each floor to facilitate patients to recharge and inquire about medical treatment information.

13.Barrier-free toilet is set in the east corridor on the first floor of the Outpatient Hall.