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2021 Medical Doctor (Master) Recruitment Announcement of the Second Hospital of Shandong University


The Second Hospital of Shandong University is located in Jinan, a famous historical and cultural city. Directly affiliated to (managed by) the National Health Commission and a century-old famous Shandong University, it is the first “Tertiary A-level” hospital in China that has passed the new version of the grade assessment standard. In 2019, it was selected into the first batch of member units of the National Regional Medical Center jointly established by the National Health Commission and provinces. In 2020, it was selected into the Regional Medical Center of Shandong Province.

The hospital has formed the development pattern of “One Hospital and Three Districts” with the Central District, the Southern District, and the Northern District. It has actually opened more than 3,000 beds, with a total of more than 3,800 employees, as well as 4 part-time academicians, 1 Changjiang Scholar, 14 Taishan Scholars, 23 Qilu Leading Talents in Hygiene and Health, 49 doctoral supervisors, 135 master supervisors, 57 directors of national and provincial-level societies (associations), and 230 deputy directors. The Second Clinical College of Shandong University and the National Demonstration Center of Clinical Teaching and Training have 23 authorized units for doctoral degree and 32 authorized units for master degree. It has been selected into the first batch of national demonstration centers of clinical teaching and training and the first batch of national bases for standardized residents training in hospital (25 professional bases with a capacity of more than 500 people). It is equipped with internationally advanced Perfexion head gamma knife, Pioneer MRI, Revolution CT, Leonardo Da Vinci Surgical Robot and other high-tech equipment.

The hospital has 5 national key clinical specialties, 24 key clinical specialties of Shandong Province, 6 key provincial disciplines of Shandong University, and 5 key medical and health disciplines of Shandong Province. It has 1 National Key Laboratory of Otorhinolaryngology (co-construction) of the National Health Commission, 4 Provincial-level Laboratories (centers), 4 Key Laboratories of Medicine and Health in Shandong Province, 6 Key University Laboratories of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” and “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” in Shandong Province, 14 research academies (institutes, centers) of Shandong University, 2 domestic and foreign high-level cooperative laboratories, and nearly 7,000 square meters of experimental platform. It has successively won 5 first prizes of provincial and ministerial-level science and technology awards. The hospital has signed agreements with medical and scientific research institutions in Sweden, the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and other countries, and international exchanges and cooperation have become increasingly extensive.



Application Conditions


1. Have a high political and ideological quality, love medical and health services, and abide by professional ethics.

2. Abide by the Constitution, laws, and hospital rules and regulations, and have no CPC disciplinary punishment or administrative punishment or illegal acts.

3. Enjoy good health, capable of medical work.

4. Full-time graduates of domestic public colleges and universities or full-time graduates of formal colleges and universities abroad (certified by the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education). In principle, the age of post doctors after accomplishing works in the postdoctoral scientific research workstation should not exceed 35 years old (born after January 1, 1986), and the age of doctors should not exceed 32 years old (born after January 1, 1989).

Application conditions of some specialties are expanded to graduates with master degree, in principle, the age should not exceed 28 years old (born after January 1, 1993), and they must obtain the Standardized Training Certificate for Residents at the same time.

The age range for applicants with work experience can be appropriately adjusted according to the needs of the discipline.




Treatment and Support


1. A lump-sum settling-in allowance ranging from RMB 100,000 Yuan to RMB 300,000 Yuan will be provided to the talents according to the comprehensive situation, such as urgently-needed professionals in some disciplines, colleges and universities that doctors graduate from, scientific research performance, etc...

2. As for doctors, postdoctors, assistant professors graduating from or working in Top 200 universities in the world rankings (QS, THE, USNews, ARWU) (recent 3 years) with excellent research performance, we can adopt the “One Case, One Discussion” discipline and actively recommend them to apply for national and provincial talent programs, as well as the outstanding talent system of Shandong University, and provide the selected candidates with competitive settling-in allowance, post allowance, scientific research start-up funds, preferential allocation of enrollment quotas and other supporting policies.

3. House-purchase subsidies and rent allowances: according to the relevant policies of Jinan City, the talents can apply for Jinan City’s house-purchase subsidies and rent allowances for high-level talents (cannot be enjoyed repeatedly). Rent allowances: doctors can enjoy the rent allowance of RMB 1,500 Yuan/month for 3 consecutive years. House-purchase subsidies: a one-time house purchase subsidy of RMB 150,000 Yuan.

4. Domestic research and training: you can be selected into the Outstanding Doctor Training Program of the hospital, and we will support you for further training and study in top domestic hospitals.

5. Overseas research and training: we will actively recommend you to apply for national and provincial government-sponsored overseas study programs. At the same time, those selected into the Young and Middle-aged Doctor Overseas (Outbound) Research and Training Support Program of the hospital will be subsidized for overseas (outbound) academic research, training and exchange in medical institutions and scientific research institutes for one year.

Those selected into the Core Medical Staffs Overseas (Outbound) Research and Training Support Program of the hospital will be subsidized for overseas (outbound) clinical training and academic exchange in medical institutions for 1-3 months.

6. Youth Talent Support Program: we will comprehensively cultivate and improve the clinical ability and scientific research quality of those selected into the Outstanding Youth Program and Excellent Youth Talent Program of the hospital. During the employment period, we will provide a post allowance of RMB 150,000 Yuan for those selected into the Outstanding Youth Program and RMB 100,000 Yuan for those selected into the Excellent Youth Program.

7. Scientific research start-up funds: for those selected into the Seed Fund of the hospital, we will provide RMB 30,000-50,000 Yuan as the scientific research start-up funds.

8. The primary and secondary schools affiliated to Shandong University have high-quality educational resources, which can provide convenient conditions for children of our staffs to study in these schools in accordance with the relevant policies of Shandong University.

9. Doctors will be granted with the public institution posts, and masters will be enrolled according to the Personnel Agency System in principle (particularly excellent candidates will be granted with the public institution posts). 


Resume Delivery


Use the link or scan the QR code 


This delivery method is the only one and this channel will be open throughout the whole school recruitment season of this year (2020.11-2021.7).


Other Instructions

1. Applicants must truthfully fill in the registration information, and submit relevant personal information (original and photocopy of relevant certificates such as Certificate of Degree, Education Certificate, registered qualification certificate, achievements in scientific research, honors and awards, etc.) in accordance with the qualification review requirements of the hospital. The application qualification will be disqualified if there is any concealment or false materials. The qualification review of the applicants continues throughout the whole process of recruitment.

2. We will conduct the physical examination according to the “General standard for civil service recruitment examination (Pilot)” (GRBF [2005] No. 1) and “Notice on General standard for civil service recruitment examination (Pilot)” (RSBF [2010] No. 19). Those who fail the physical examination will be disqualified for employment.

3. Please follow the notice of our official website for specific arrangements.


Contact Number: 0531-85875200; Contact Person: Teacher Wang