Launch of the Integrated Service Center: A Holistic, Smart Approach to Fulfilling Patient Requirements
Release time:2023-10-08 14:16:54

To further embody the service philosophy of "Patient-Centered Care" and uphold the hospital's core mission of "Wholeheartedly Serving the People's Health," our efforts are geared towards ensuring safer diagnoses and treatments, enhancing the convenience of medical services, facilitating more effective communication, and providing a more comfortable patient experience. On October 15th, the Second Hospital of Shandong University formally inaugurated the "Integrated Service Center." By consolidating services across various departments, the center is dedicated to offering patients a seamless, efficient, and comprehensive one-stop experience. The unveiling ceremony was attended by Party Secretary Liu Lihua, Hospital President Feng Shiqing, along with other esteemed hospital leaders. The event was presided over by Vice President Hou Xinguo.

Liu Lihua and Feng Shiqing jointly unveiled the Integrated Service Center, marking its official inauguration.

Feng Shiqing, on behalf of the hospital leadership team, extended congratulations on the official debut of the Integrated Service Center. The center's unveiling marks a solemn commitment to providing round-the-clock, one-stop convenience services, further solidifying the hospital's reputation as a "compassionate institution." As a flagship hospital representing the nation, and a crucial gateway for the Party and the state in serving the people, the hospital has consistently adhered to the mission of wholeheartedly serving the public, anticipating and meeting the needs of patients. Feng called upon all the officials and staff of the entire hospital to provide healthcare services for the people without distinction between pre-diagnosis and post-treatment, online and offline, and within or outside the hospital. He urged continuous expansion of offline service capabilities and continued exploration of new territories in online services, in order to comprehensively safeguard the health of the people.

Hou Xinguo briefly outlined the construction process and service functions of the Integrated Service Center.

With the rapid development of the hospital and the continuous enhancement of its service philosophy, in order to meet the growing medical needs of the population, the Second Hospital of Shandong University, guided by the principles of "enhancing the quality of medical services and improving the patient experience," established the Integrated Service Center. Starting from the perspective of enhancing the patient experience, the center aims to create a non-clinical service system that spans the entire process from pre-diagnosis to post-treatment. The newly established Integrated Service Center encompasses three major attributes: "service, management, and coordination." It includes a physical service hall, a cloud service center, and a daytime surgery management center, offering various services such as guidance and consultation, complaint handling, convenience measures, two-way referrals, medical certificates, and internet hospital services. This comprehensive platform, characterized by "round-the-clock," "full-process," and "integrated" features, provides patients with "convenient, efficient, swift, and excellent" one-stop services. It truly achieves one-stop payment settlement, one-stop medication services, self-service operations, and manual service windows, replacing the need for patients and their families to navigate through processes. This ensures that information transmission and process extensions take precedence, providing patients with high-quality, convenient diagnostic and treatment services, embodying the roles of being an intimate, knowledgeable, and caring presence for the people.

The Second Hospital of Shandong University has recently introduced a series of initiatives aimed at benefiting the public. These include the establishment of an Integrated Service Center, the introduction of morning, afternoon, and evening outpatient services, as well as efforts to coordinate and improve the surrounding transportation environment. These actions demonstrate the hospital's commitment, under the leadership of the Party Committee, to tangibly and effectively serve the people. They also signify a dynamic interpretation of the hospital-wide enthusiasm to return to the original aspiration of medical practitioners and to forge a stronger commitment to serving the public, thus embodying the spirit of the Party's 20th Congress. This marks the commencement of a new era of more personalized, compassionate, immediate, and responsible healthcare services. The hospital will continue to uphold the service philosophy of "Patient-Centered Care," enhance convenience and extend services for the public, and strive to create a more advanced and compassionate modern hospital. As always, we are dedicated to providing the community with safe and high-quality healthcare services.