Thoracic Surgery
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The Thoracic Surgery of the Second Hospital of Shandong University owns 39 members, including 12 medical members and 27 nurses. Among them, there are 4  professors, 3  associate professors, 1  doctoral supervisor and 3  master supervisors. Many of them have taken the posts of director, associate director, standing committee member, council member and editorial board member in domestic and foreign academic organizations. The Department has cultivated 6 doctoral candidates and more than 10 master degree candidates in the past 3 years. In 2014, it was approved as a Key Clinical Specialty in Shandong Province.

At present, the Thoracic Surgery sets up specialist outpatient from Monday to Sunday every week to provide outpatient services to patients for more than 6,000 person-times in a year, covering benign and malignant tracheal/ pulmonary tumors, pneumatocele, pulmonary abscess, pulmonary cyst, tuberculosis (TB), bronchiectasis, benign and malignant esophageal diseases, mediastinal mass, diseases of the chest wall, pleura and diaphragm, empyema, pneumothorax, palmar hyperhidrosis, etc. Currently, it has conducted various types of chest surgeries with good effects.

As an early implementer of thoracoscopic surgery in the Province, the Thoracic Surgery also excels the peers in terms of surgical level and number, categories of diseases diagnosed and treated and effects. To solve the shortage of large trauma for traditional thoracotomy, the laparoscopic therapy is developed with advantages of minimal operation trauma, light pain and short hospitalization time, and has become a mainstream option for Thoracic Surgery. So far, surgeries performed by the Hospital include total thoracoscopic/laparoscopic esophagus cancer resection, intrathoracic gastroesophageal/cervicalanastomosis, complete thoracoscopic partial lobectomy, bronchoplasty, lobectomia pulmonalis, various mediastinal tumors resection, esophagocardiomyotomy, laparoscopic hiatal hernia neoplasty, thoracoscopic esophageal leiomyoma dissection, diverticulectomy of esophagus, pulmonary bulla resection and excision biopsy of pulmonary nodules, etc.

Furthermore, the Thoracic Surgery of the Second Hospital of Shandong University has rich experience in endoscopic therapy. In addition to conventional examinations, it is characterized by endoscopic therapy of digestive tract and respiratory tract, and capable of combining recyclable stent implantation with Holmium laser to treat benign and malignant esophageal stenosis, esophago-tracheal fistula, esophageal mediastinal fistula, tracheal bronchial tumor and such other refractory diseases to practically relieve patients’ pains and improve their life quality. The vast majority patients achieve good effects

The Thoracic Surgery has undertaken many scientific research subjects of MOH and Shandong Province, and established good cooperative relationship with many domestic and foreign organizations to carry out academic cooperation, study and apply the latest techniques in daily outpatient work.

In succession, the Department has performed endoscopic recyclable stent/tracheal stent implantation to treat benign and malignant esophageal/ trachealstenosis, esophago-tracheal fistula and anastomotic fistula, which have the advantages of minimal invasion, safety, simplicity and rapid therapeutic effect.

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